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The main screen

This is the the control center of your character creation and management.

Almost every calculation is automated

The interface is very easy to use and you can add some life to your characters with some bitmaps.

Spell management

The spell management screen is one of most useful tool of RPA.

A complete list of spells is available including the spell description. Over 2200 spells from the netbooks can be included in RPA.

Add your own spells, randomize the spell book in one simple click.

The FINAL result!

This is a real Scanned Character Sheet printed with RPA

The left picture represents only one of the pages, it also prints the spell book, equipment sheet, notes and background of the character, encounter sheets, DM report where the DM can have a look at the complete group of characters...and much more.

The Spellbook

This is a real scanned Spell book printed with RPA.

Note the detail level of the spell book, the complete description, area of effect, duration, etc.

The Report generator

A powerful feature of RPA, Create your own character sheets with the report generator.

Or simply customize the existing character sheet to your needs.

This report generator can be used to modify the format of the spell book, the character sheet or the equipment sheet.

Fractal world generator

The Fractal world generator will build world maps for you. The percentage of water and ice are customizable. The map is generated in GIF format for ease of use.


The mapper will generate graphical display of dungeons for use with your fantasy role playing games. The map is generated in HTML format, it can be viewed and printed with any html browser

More features of RPA with screenshots