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What Operating systems does RPA supports?

The latest version needs windows 98, windows 2000 or windows XP or later. Older versions of RPA that runs on lower platforms are still available on the download page.


Can i create my own RPG platform/definition set for use with RPA.

Yes, you can modify an existing RPG definition set for your needs. Creating a completely new RPG definition set is not an easy task and may(and probably will) require some programming from our side.


Is there any documentation for customizing a database definition set?

Yes, here it is. But it's quite old and some of it is out of date.


Lost your key file?

Go there


Why register?

Here is a summary of the features Unlocked in the registered version:

bulletspells level 3 and up
bulletcharacters level 3 and up
bullet Report editor for every report(character sheet, time tracking, dm report, etc). The equipment report is already unlocked to give you a preview of the report editor features.
bulletNumber of days unlocked in weather generator
bulletNumber of random names unlocked in name generator
bulletVarious Definition set update unlocked(class update, spell update, master skill list update, etc.)
bulletPrinting of encounter/monsters report
bulletAdd new races


Is it possible to view the generated maps in something besides a html format ?

Yes, the map is generated in a GIF file format named "Mapfrac.gif" and saved in the RPA directory.


Is RPA free?

No, RPA is shareware but not time limited. Some def sets have some functions disabled and others have full functionality.


Hey, why the low price?

20$, that's all it costs and that's all it will ever cost you for a lifetime of RPA usage. There is no catch, no hidden fees. You pay once and it's done forever. The only case where you may have to pay again is if you lose your key file and do not have access to the email address you used to register. In that case, we may not be able to identify you and resend you your key file. Role playing books are expensive enough, our soft doesn't need to be, so we charge only a minimum price for registration to cover the development tools, web site maintenance and some hardware to do the programming/testing.

Please note that some web resellers are offering RPA at a higher price. This is allowed to cover their reselling charges, some reseller have cover charges higher than others, the cheapest price you will get is with paypal. For some reasons, some people do not want to do business with paypal, so you have a variety of resellers to choose from, most are a little more expensive.