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Rated five stars on ZDNET

The generic software to generate characters for your Roleplaying games since 1991.

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The roleplaying assistant(RPA) is a computer gaming aid for Role playing games.

This character generator is compatible with the following role playing game systems:
bulletAdvanced Dungeons and Dragons(2nd, 3rd and 3.5 edition), 
bulletStar wars RPG (D6) 
bulletStar wars RPG (D20, in beta)
bulletD20 Modern RPG
bulletCyberpunk 2020 RPG
bulletAlternity RPG
bulletRolemaster (2n edition)
bulletIn Nomine Satanis Magna  veritas (French version by CROC, V3 and V4).
bulletDragonballZ(in beta)

RPA also gives you access to a full set of gaming tools usable for ANY role playing game systems:

bulletA Name generator with many name styles (SF, Tolkien, Japanese, etc) and a list of 6000 real names for your RPG characters.
bulletSpell book generator (with complete spell descriptions). Keeps tracks of your spells for you.
bulletMonster and encounter generator
bulletWeather generator, gives you weather forecast for the days to come
bulletParty generator, creates a whole party in a single click
bulletDice roller to automate complex dice throwing
bulletFractal world generator, create maps of entire planets
bulletDungeon mapper, create graphical maps for your dungeons
bulletThe Dungeon master report will print a summary of the characters for you
bulletA complete background generator, get a detailed description of your character
bulletA Treasure generator, available from the randomizer module. Will generate a treasure based on AD&D 3rd edition rules.
bulletThe Randomizer module, will generate about anything you can think of and you can customize it the way you want.
bulletModify the reports, the report generator is a powerful tool enabling you to customize the output of ANY report produced by RPA.

And some other nice features

bulletTemplates available to print blank equipment, background, time tracking and many other sheets
bulletCustomize the database definition sets to add your own new worlds, skills, gear, spells, languages, races, classes, professions, etc.
bulletImport and Export your characters, exchange them via Email for your PEBM campaigns. A single click can email a character.
bulletCustomize the reports to your needs, create your own character sheet.
bulletAnd much much more...

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Critics loved it!
What zdnet's 5 stars rating has to say about it

" Roleplaying Assistant is a multifaceted utility for three different RPG games: CyberPunk 2020, AD&D, and Star Wars. In addition to character creation, it can generate names, spellbooks, and gear; it even has a dice roller. This major update sports a completely revamped interface. It's friendly and simple to understand, if somewhat cluttered; large, clearly labeled buttons dominate the screen, with grid displays of characteristics and scores underneath. Roleplaying Assistant lets you augment the rules of the games as well; you can set your own default values for abilities, level-ups, encounters, and so on. Players will find Roleplaying Assistant useful for character creation, but Dungeon Masters will save countless hours using its powerful automated attribute generation capabilities to define the NPCs (non-playing characters) and PCs (playing characters)"

What Betabytes has to say about it

"A very well-thought-out design, an actually "helpful" help file, and the enormous amount of features makes The Roleplaying Assistant a "must" for all roleplayers. I recommend this one."

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Soft 32 gave 5 stars out of 5 , so did many others.


Some user comments on RPA

"I would like to say, that I LOVE this program, and it's well worth the money."  , Henry

"Hey, I Love the RPA. it makes character generating so easy" , Patrick

"let me congradulate you on a very good product. I really like what I see", John

"I am using your wonderfull product and it really streamlines my character creation", Adam

"the best utility that enhanced role-playing.", David

"As a long time GM I am very impressed" , Eric