Turning undead & thief abilities

This screen is used to give your character some turning undead or thief abilities.


Turning level: Normally, the turning level is the same as the level of your CHARACTER, but some Characters (as the paladin) may turn undead at a different level. This entry field is used to specify the turning undead level you want to use when the CALCULATE button is pressed.

"Reset" button: Click on this button if you wish to blank the turnings of your character.

Ravenloft’s turning undead: Click on this button to use the Ravenloft’s turning undead instead of the standard turning table.

Thief abilities

Enter the basic percentage of your character in the column named "PC", normally a character has 30 points per level to allocate. RPA will calculate the right percentage in the column named "Total".

RPA takes the racial, Dexterity and armor adjustments to calculate the thief abilities, so take care to give the right type of armor.

"Default setting" button: This button will give your character the default percentages for his class and level. Choose this option if your character is a Ranger, if will give him the right percentages for his level.

"Reset" button: Click on this button to put every field in the PC column to zero.

"Calculate percentages" button: Click on this button to update and calculate the current percentage for each thief ability of your character.