A step by step guide to create a character

This section will gave you a step by step procedure to create a character or group of character in the fastest way possible.

Creating a single character

1- Click on the icon of the main screen of RPA. This will create a blank character screen;

2- Choose the class of your character by clicking over the class selection hotspot of the main screen.

3- Choose the level and class of your character;

4- Click on the icon, this will generate your new character according to the class and level you selected;

Your character is generated, select a name for him or use the name generator and click on the icon in the main screen of RPA to print your character.


Creating a group of characters(party)

1- Choose the   button from the main toolbar, this will bring up the party generation screen;

2- Click the insert button to add a new character to the party’s list. The default character will be a fighter of first level;

3- Click twice on the character you just added to the list, this will bring up a class and level screen;

4- Modify the class and level of the character you wish to create;

5- Repeat step 2 to 4 for each of the character you wish to generate in this party;

6- Click on the "Generate party" button, this will generate a complete character for each one you added in scroll list.

7- Close the window and return to the main RPA screen, then customize each of your newly created characters.