Skills and Feats

This is the main D20 skill management screen

Treeview: The treeview icons are explained here

Advanced: Calls the Advanced skill management screen to insert powerful code routine in the treatment of the skill.

Skills/Feats filter Selection:  This radio button will filter the skill list according to your selection. The list display will be filtered but the skills are still there.

Refesh Grid: Use this button to update the screen display. RPA will recalculate all the skill bonuses and update the screen.

Add free Skills: This button will add all the free skills to your character. Including free Class skills/races skill or any other free skills in the definition set.

Gen new skills/Feats: This will randomly add skills to your character, skill dependency is also added.

Zap all: This will reset your skill selection for the current character. Skill levels will be zero and all bought feats will be unbought. It does not delete any skills.

Skill points used/remaining: Displays the remaining feats and skill points of your character. It will count all the used skill points and ignore the free ones to give you exactly how much points are used/remaining to build your character.

Skill bonuses/ranks

  1. Ability Mod: Bonus for high ability score related to this skill.

  2. Ranks: Number of ranks in this skill

  3. Misc  Mod: Miscellaneous bonus. Some advanced RPA features will input a bonus in this field.

  4. Free Ranks:  Number of free ranks in this skill. Does not count toward the number of points used/remained.

  5. Synergy Bonus: Bonus related to high score in another similar skill.

  6. Ability: Ability used for high ability score bonuses.

Can be used untrained: Means that this skill will have the appropriate marker on the skill sheet to list is as a skill that you can use even if untrained.

Print on character sheet: Check this to print this feat on the character sheet. By default only bought feats are printed.

Free: Check this to have this skill count for free. If so, it will not modify the total number of skill points used.

Applies to which weapon or skill: Specify to which weapon this skill applies. Useful for weapon specialization. If you input "Longsword" in that field, RPA will search your equipment for an item with the name "Longsword" in it and apply the specialization bonus to that weapon.

This is a class skill/feat/talent: This option tells RPA to count this skill as a class skill (for this character only). Useful when dealing with professions that give free feats/skill and should cost only 1 point for the total number of points used instead of 2.

This is a class skill for classes: Enter for which classes this skill is a class skill and will cost less skill points. This field should contain 3 letters codes separated by a comma. The codes are the same entered in the Class management screen. For example, mnk for Monk, Ftr for Fighter, pal for Paladin, etc.

Prerequisites: Enter the list of prerequisites for this skill. See the prerequisites instructions for details on how to enter the data.

Source: Used to specify the source of this skill, for example, an RPG magazine, DM guide V3.5, sourcebook page 57, etc.



Basic skills and subskills from older definition sets

For some roleplaying games there is a skill and subskill mechanism for your characters. A skill includes many subskills. In star wars, the list of skills would be Dexterity, Perception, Knowledge, etc. and the subskills would be Blaster, Light saber, Dodge, etc.

In Cyberpunk, skills would be REF, INT, BODY, etc. and the subskills would be Awareness, Handgun, Dodge, etc.

Sometimes the Character attributes and the skills are the same, like in cyberpunk where the REF, INT and BODY are character attributes but also skills.

Modifying the list of skills / Subskills

You can modify the list of skill/subskills available to all the characters by selecting the “RPG structure / Define substats” option from the menu.

You can add new skills but be careful, you can delete only the last skill you created. The skills are working like a stack, you have to take the top of the pile first. If you want to delete the skill “A” but you also created skills “B” and “C”, then you’ll have to delete skill “B” and “C” prior to delete skill “A”.

Another restriction, if you gave a skill to a character, you usually can’t delete the skill from the list of available skills until you delete the character who has it.

Modifying the values of the Skills / Subskills of your character

If you want to modify the skills/subskills values of your character, then select the “substat” tab from the main screen.