Saving throws

D20 saving throws

Each saving throws has it's own set of bonuses. The magic box can be filled in by an item that the character has equipped and gives a saving throw bonus (see Main item database)

The race box can have a bonus based on the information of the races screen And the Skill/feat box get it's bonus from the Advanced Skill management.


2nd edition saving throws

Description of the saving throws screen for a character:

You can access the saving throws screen of a character by clicking anywhere on the saving throws displayed in the main screen of RPA

Enter the saving throws yourself, or just let them be adjusted automatically by RPA when you change the level of your character.

The entry field at the right of each saving throw is useful to enter some special notes on a saving throw such as bonuses from a magic item.

Multi-class and saving throws

When you select the class of your character, you also have the option to choose which class will be used to apply saving throws.

Modifying the saving throws of a class

You can access this screen via the "DM options" , "Update saving throws" option of the menu bar.

This screen is used to modify the saving throws of a category. A category is a group of classes. For example, Paladins, Rangers and fighters are in the warrior category. Clerics and Druids are in the priests category. Saving throws are affected to a category such as warrior or priest, not a class such as fighter or cleric.

Category: Choose the category of saving throws you wish to modify

Level: This field contains the highest level for which this series of saving throws applies. Example: A mage keeps the same saving throws from his creation to the level 5, you should enter 5 in the level field. Once at level 6, the same wizard will keep his saving throws until he reached level 10, if you enter the savings for the level 6 to 10, you should enter 10 in the level field.