This screen is used to:



Upper list: This is the list of items that your character possess, right click on it for more details and update features. It will call the item update screen for your character's gear.

Lower list: This is the list of items available from the main gear database. Right click on it for more details and to edit/delete/add new items to the main database

Rightmost list: This is the list of item categories. You can rename a category by right clicking on it. Some category names are important (like armor and weapons) and should not be modified because RPA uses them for some calculations. When you have a bonus in a specific weapon, it looks in the category weapons to see if your character has this weapon, the same for armors.

Up and down arrows: Those arrows are used to add or remove equipment from your character's gear.

Container: Will apply a filter to the character's gear to display only the items of the selected container. A container is a place where the item is stored or attached to.

"Save as default": This option is used to determine what will be the standard equipment. Choose an equipment for your character, then click here if you want this equipment to be the default standard equipment. After this operation, your character will have this new equipment whenever you click on the "Lightning" icon in this screen.

This icon will give your character the default equipment, erasing your current one.