Throwing the dices

The random generation routine of RPA enables you to create your character with a wide variety of dice throwing simulations. Some of those simulations are explained below:

4D6 Twice, drop lowest, 3D6 Twice, etc: Those methods are all explained in the AD&D rule book. As a standard rule, RPA is checking the minimum of the class with the result of the dices and it gives the highest dice throw to the highest minimum of the class. If the highest dice throw is less than the minimum, it gives the minimum. The second highest dice throw is for the second highest minimum, and etc.

Average charac of class with adjust of 30% + or -: This method is using the average characteristics of a class specified in the Update class menu and applies a 30% random factor to each characteristic. A fighter having an average Dexterity of 13 would have his score modified by (13*30%) = 4 points less or plus. The random dexterity of the character would be between 9 and 17.


Field summary

Lower dice: minimum dice value for each throw

Upper dice: maximum dice value for each throw

# of dices: number of dices to throw

Drop lowest: Will drop the X lowest dices and keep the others

Drop upper: Will drop the X higher dices and keep the others

# of throws: Number of throws to do

# of pc stats:  Number of PC stats you have to throw(6 for AD&D, 10 for Cyberpunk, etc.)

Dice bonus: Add a bonus to the dice throw, +1, +2, etc.

Dice group: Group index of this dice method

Rnd factor:  Global random factor in %. Will take average stats + or random factor

# of points: Nbr of points to distribute instead of throwing dices.

Max stat score: Maximum score of a stat.