Database definition sets

RPA supports many roleplaying games and this is done by using database definitions sets. A database definition sets is a set of database files that contains all the required information on a specific roleplaying game system. The RPA subdirectory \Cyberpunk and \StarWars for example, are definition sets provided with RPA.

When you select a new roleplaying game in RPA, you just select the directory where the database definition sets are located. RPA then uses those new definition files to generate the characters. There is no limit in the number of definition sets you can have.

You can create your own customized version of a database definition set by copying the subdirectory files and customizing them. Select this new definition set and modify the races, classes, proficiencies, gear, etc. to suit the “new world” requirements.

To select a new Database definition set, hit the RPG def set selection button on the toolbar. It will call the Def set selection screen.