Managing races

From this screen you can add/delete and update your the race table. Any changes made here are affecting all the characters in your def set.


Copy/paste toolbar buttons: Use those buttons to quickly create new races. Copy will put the current race in the clipboard and paste will add a new race based on the data from the race in the clipboard. No need to hit the NEW button, a blank race will be added and the data from the clipboard will be copied to it.

Movement: This is the base movement score of the race.

Racial ability: You have six lines to enter a description of the various abilities of your new race. Simple text field that will be printed on the character sheet,

Thief bonus: Some races have a bonus or penalty when attempting some thief’s skills. A dwarf, would have a -5 penalty to find traps and -10 penalty to climb walls.

Free skills/feats: use the brackets [ ] to enter the free skills/feats of this class. Those will not count in the total skill points used.  Example: [simple weapon proficiency]

Source: Enter the sourcebook where this race comes from

Homeworld: Enter the homeworld where this race comes from.

Min and Max height, weight, age: The minimum and maximum for each of those values will be used in the random routine to determine the height, weight and age of your character when generated.

Extra first level skill pts: Enter the number of free extra skill points that this race gives at the first level.

Extra higher level skill points: Enter the number of free extra skill points that this race gives after the first level