Class management

To create a new class of characters, choose the "RPG Structure/Update classes" option of the menu bar. A class creation screen will be displayed.

This class management form will enable you to create/update/delete classes in a definition set. The parameters you enter here will affect all the characters.

Minimums:  It is the minimum score a character must have to have this class for each attribute.

Average: This is used in some random attribute generation algorithms. Enter the average score you think a character of this class should have. RPA will use those base values for some algorithms. This gives some realisms to the random generation routine.

Spell bonus stat: This is the 3 letter stat code used to calculate the bonus to spell casting. For wizards, the code would be INT for intel. For clerics, it would be WIS for wisdom.

Stat priority: Enter the 3 letters stat code separated by a comma here, from the more important one to the least. This is used for random stat generation, RPA will give the highest scores to the stats you put in first here.  A fighter for example would probably use his strength, dexterity and constitution more so a good priority to enter would be: STR, DEX, CON, INT, WIS, CHA.   Strength would get the highest random score and charism the lowest.

Free skills/feats: use the brackets [ ] to enter the free skills/feats of this class. Those will not count in the total skill points used.  Example: [simple weapon proficiency]

Class prerequisites: Enter the prerequisites for this class. See the prerequisite section for details on the format to use.

Second Tab

Level: Select the level you wish to edit, and then click add/delete or update a level. It will call the class level update screen

Class code: 3 letters code used to designate this class. This field is very important and used very often in RPA as a reference to this class. It is the key to this class.

Type of HD: Enter the type of Hit Dices your class will throw for each level advancement. Example: Fighters are using 10 sides hit dices.

HD stops at level: Level at which hit dices are not calculated anymore.

Formula for 1st level skill points: formula used by RPA to calculate the number of skill points a character of this class gets at the first level.

Formula for higher level skill points: formula used by RPA to calculate the number of skill points a character of this class gets after the first level.


The information below is only for 2nd edition AD&D

Thaco, points/level: Enter the number of points of thaco your new class wins each time a new level is gained. Example: 1 point each 1 level for a fighter or 1 point each 3 level for a mage.

Wisdom spell bonus: Check this box if your new class has a special bonus depending on his wisdom score, such as clerics.

Turning undead: Check this box if your new class is able to turn undead

Type of saving throws: Choose the category of saving throws for your new class. For example, Paladins, Rangers and fighters are in the warrior category. Clerics and Druids are in the priests category. Saving throws are affected to a category such as warrior or priest, not a class such as fighter or cleric.

Initial number of weapon/non-weapon proficiencies: This is the initial number of proficiencies a character will have when he is created.

Add one weapon/non-weapon for each X level: Enter when the character will gain another proficiency. Example: Fighters are gaining one weapon proficiency each 3 levels.

Weapon proficiency penalty: This is the penalty a character will have when using a weapon he is not proficient with. Example: -2 for fighters.