The Roleplaying assistant

Welcome to the Roleplaying assistant

The Roleplaying assistant is a set of Dungeon master tools available for your roleplaying game sessions. Some of the games currently supported are Advanced dungeons and dragons(2nd, 3rd and 3.5 edition), Cyberpunk, Star wars(first edition D6 and also D20), Rolemaster(second edition), D20 modern, In nomine(french version)  and Alternity RPGs. See the web site for an extensive list of supported games.

To fully appreciate RPA, you need to be a Dungeon Master. A player will find RPA useful to create his characters but a Dungeon Master will save countless hours by letting RPA roll NPCs and Pcs. The automation mechanisms of RPA are very powerful, almost everything is generated.

To help you getting started with RPA, see the  step by step guide to create a character