Advanced Skill management

The upper fields are not used yet. The only active field is the "conditional Expression" field.

This is a very powerful feature and it can easily jeopardize the stability of the database if not used properly. In this field, you can enter almost any valid Foxpro command.

The commands listed in this field are executed whenever the skill bonuses are calculated.

For your convenience, you can call some already programmed functions to perform some popular tasks like the ones listed below:

  1. Add a miscellaneous bonus to the feat:  Call the AddMisc function with 2 parameters, the feat name, and the bonus to apply. If the character buys this feat, the bonus will be applied. The following example will add a +2 bonus to "listen" and "Spot" skills:

  2. Add a synergy bonus to a skill: Call the AddSyner function to add a synergy bonus to a skill if the current skill has at least X ranks. First parameter is the minimum number of ranks required to get the synergy bonus, second parameter is the skill getting the bonus, third parameter is the bonus to be applied. The Following example will add a +2 synergy bonus to the "Diplomacy" skill if the current skill has at least 5 ranks.